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Grading Policy

Grading Principles

Beecroft Netball Club has implemented a grading policy and team selection process to ensure that the grading of players and teams is conducted objectively, based on a player’s ability, skill level, commitment and attitude.


Players and parents are asked to be reasonable and objective in their expectations and to encourage their children to accept their team selection.  

Grading is the process of establishing the number and composition of the Beecroft netball teams to compete in the Hills District Netball Association (HDNA) competition.  

The aim of grading players is to set teams, which have a balanced group of players, both in ability levels and playing positions.  

Grading is first determined by the player’s skills, as outlined in this policy and also impacted by the number of registered players in each age group.  

Grading is a club policy for players from U9’s to U15’s 

All players are required to attend grading sessions. Any player not attending grading sessions will be placed in the most appropriate team by the Grading Committee, according to previous year’s coaches' reports, and/or information provided on the registration form.


We wish to emphasise that grading is one of the most essential components in preparing for a successful season and players should be aware that it is to their advantage to be seen by our graders.


If a player is unable to attend the grading session you must notify the Grading Committee  ( as soon as possible prior to the day. 

2024 Grading Process

Our grading process is a three-stage process. 

  1. Previous Coach's Evaluation - at the end of the season, each coach provides a report of each player's positions played, skills and ability, attendance at training and games, attitude, etc. All reports are to remain confidential.

  2. Previous Seasons Observations - during the previous season the Grading Committee or their representative may have observed players during their games. 

  3. Practical Grading – players will be placed in trial teams based on the previous year’s coaches' reports. Independent graders will assess all players and this will be taken into account for a player’s team allocation.

The 2024 practical grading sessions will be held on Sunday 18th February. The exact time and date of your child’s grading session will be provided after registrations close.  If your daughter is in the age groups from U9 through to U15 please be available on the date provided.

The following skills and attributes may be assessed but are not limited to:  

  1. Ball handling skills (passing/catching) 

  2. Footwork, speed and agility 

  3. Perception and cognition skills  

  4. Positional play/understanding of the game 

  5. Sportsmanship, effort and attitude  


A player may be asked to play in a position that is not their preference to aid the grading process.  

When placing players in teams, consideration is given to:  

  1. Team members who have similar skill and ability.  

  2. Ensuring teams will have a suitable balance of position areas, that is shooters, defenders and midcourt players.  

  3. Team members’ individual positions to ensure adequate coverage of all court positions.  

  4. Player's attitude and approach to the game and her team and to training. 

  5. The number and ages of players registered with the Club each year.

  6. The possibility that should the Club have insufficient registrations in an age group to form full teams, players may be placed up an age group in a mixed age team of similar ability in order to place the player in a team.  

  7. Ensuring a team will be competitive for their recommended grade. 

Grading Criteria

Grading Concerns

Any correspondence regarding an individual player’s grading, either pre or post placement in teams, shall only be accepted in writing and forwarded to the Grading Committee, via email within 2 days of the teams being released.


It’s important that parents do not speak with the grading team during sessions as it limits our time and ability to watch all players.


We welcome feedback or any concerns via email to our Grading Coordinators -

Beecroft Netball Club will follow the Netball NSW Grievance Policy if a satisfactory solution is not found. 

Forming Teams

Ideally numbers of players placed in a team will allow maximum court time for all players in the team.


We aim for 8 to 10 players per team.  

Several factors affect team formation:  

  • Number of players in each age group (some players may be asked to play up an age group due to numbers and ability). 

  • Balance of positions in a team (i.e. shooting, mid-court, defence). 

  • Representative players’ restrictions. 

NetSetGo – Under 8s: Players will be placed in teams with their friends where possible within their age group. These requests must be received at the time of registration and can only be accommodated if numbers for an age group permit.  

NetSetGo – Under 9s: In under 9s we perform a soft grade. This means a number of factors are taken into consideration when forming the teams including age, playing experience, skill level, friendships, and even height. Please note that players are not simply ranked and placed into teams. Any requests to play with friends must be received at the time of registration and will be considered by the Committee providing they are of a similar ability and can only be accommodated if numbers for an age group permit.  

Under 10s to Under 15s: Players will be graded in their age group according to their ability.  This ensures that players are playing at a level appropriate to their skill level, which should ensure that they get maximum enjoyment from their netball. It is in these age groups that team selection will be impacted by the number of registered players in each age group. 

Teams will not be announced on grading day. 

Teams will be formed by the Grading Committee, which consists of the current club Grading Coordinator, the Coaching Coordinator and an independent member of the Beecroft Netball Club committee.  

All players will be advised of team placement within 14 - 21 days after grading has taken place, via email and/or listed on the Beecroft Netball Club website.

What division will our team be placed in by HDNA??

The Grading Committee will make a recommendation to HDNA about which grade a team would be best suited to when the team is registered.


HDNA’s Grading Committee makes their own decisions on the grade a team is placed into based on their broader knowledge of the skills levels of other club teams in each age group.


Numbers of teams entered in each age group impacts these decisions as well and HDNA is not obligated to go with the Club’s recommendation.


Our Club may appeal a grading decision by HDNA, however, appeals are very rarely successful. 

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